Call of Duty Back Ops to have Combat Training Mode

Posted by: 9/2/2010

Over at the Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer event Treyarch is making a few notable announcements regarding game features. For the first time ever, Call of Duty Black Ops will feature a ‘Combat Training’ mode. Players will be able to take on bots and the mode will have its own progression system.

Players will now be able to play alone or with friends to test out map and strategies against AI bots. Call of Duty is becoming even more of a hardcode game.

  • Anonymous

    Finally – Bots and splitscreen! Black Ops just jumped to #1 on my wishlist.

  • This is actually a pretty big thing for the franchise. Should be a great tool for beginners and clans.

  • Anonymous

    Not enough games have Bots these days. I stopped buying FPSs because I hate playing online (i’m happy to admit i suck) And the singleplayer campaigns just weren’t worth the money. Killzone was my only exception……because it had Bots.
    Now Black Ops has jumped to an instant buy for me.

  • Anonymous


    Totally flippin agree with you!

  • I think – as everyone should 😉 that the addition of bot training mode will benefit all.

  • It’ll give people more practice, and hopefully a bigger curve when moving from the single-player to multi-player. I know a lot of people who have trouble in that translation.

  • Carson

    This is great! Having satelite internet (FTL), I am unable to participate in online multiplayer. This will add ridiculous amounts of replay value for me.

  • Good for you Carson, at least one person is happy and not hating on this mode.

  • Anonymous

    Great! I would not buy the game without this!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats damn cool

  • Anonymous

    if anyone knows if u can rank up in combat training that would b great (still will buy the game if u cant because bots are unreal)

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY a way to play multiplayer without xbox live!

    Anyone know if u still rank up and unlock weapons/perks?

  • Anonymous

    yes you can rank up and unlock everything just like the online multiplayer

  • Anonymous

    Probably there best innovation yet!!! How i playing against bots with friends!! soooo much fun because you can level up, get attachments and perks. Also you can choose the amount of bots you want to play against and their difficulty level 😀

  • Hate to be the buzz-kill, but you still need Internet connection and a live account to play CT. sucks :/

  • Anonymous

    once in a while an AI should be a hacker with an aim-bot and 10th prestige to learn how to beat them

  • Anonymous

    There’s know way u can rank up and unlock perks….its called COMBAT TRAINING…Train u to go to mutli-player and stop being scared of a challenge..but i must agree with one of the comments that said the AI sould be a hacker with aim bot to learn how to beat them…but if u think ur gonna hv non stop fun killin bots u got another thing coming

  • staplesbuddy

    it has its own progression system to the multiplayer online gameplay so u can get used to handlin guns that u havent unlocked online that u want to unlock in the future

  • Anonymous

    can you play combat training offline too? then is it the coolest thing now.

  • Yes – it is an offline training mode, so yes!

  • Anonymous

    But does the Unlocks of Perks/Weapons gonna count in the REAL multiplayer or only in CT (Combat Training)

  • Anonymous

    only in CT

  • Anonymous

    Halo rules…Call of duty is for little girls like yourselfs hahahaha

  • This last comment? Epic!

  • Blah

    You can unlock everything you can like you would in multiplayer. Nothing transfers from training to multiplayer. Also, it saves your progression.

  • luke

    Is the only game modes you can do with bots FFA and TDM?

  • luke

    Can you use killstreaks in combat training, b/c it wont let me

  • luke

    Why can’t i use killstreaks on Combat Training?

  • Luke, yes – killstreaks and all other features work in combat mode once you unlocked them.

  • Anonymous

    are the only avalible game modes team deathmatch and free for all on CT? and also can u change it from core to hardcore on CT?

  • so i have high speed internet by satilite and i was wondering if this combat training mode would take my bandwidth????

  • Hudson

    Can somebody tell me how to play this mode.
    i can’t find it!

  • @Hudson From what I know the multiplayer only works on Xbox LIVE.