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Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Antaloor brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss… and the hero’s strength is finally exhausted. He is a prisoner in the dark dungeons of Gandohar’s castle and any hopes he has of saving his sister seem to have vanished along with his freedom. In spite of a self-sacrificing battle against evil, the twins were separated and Kyra is now under the influence of a powerful magic spell from which there is no escape. Evil influences are attempting to awake the slumbering powers of an old generation in order to dominate all of Antaloor, and the hero is powerless to do anything about it.” *(Couldn’t have said it better myself)*

Two Worlds II has a plethora of features, items, and an almost endless environment to explore. One play through will surely never be enough. Once you have mastered the controls and layout, the game becomes a breeze and the content is more expansive than ever before. So, prepare yourself for one incredible ride. And that may be horse, or even by boat.
So, first things first, Two Worlds II’s hero has no name. We only know he has a sister, Kyra. They are heroes that have almost completely run out of energy and are not being sucked of their last essence. Then suddenly, Orcs appear in the throne room and bust you out. Your adventure begins.
Two Worlds II does a great job of introducing button controls and instructions. It only takes a few moments to understand controls and test out button combinations. One, control to understand is the Right Trigger for attacks. It takes some time to get use to, but after a while, it becomes a natural reaction. Further progressing though Two Worlds II, archery, wizardry, weapon upgrades, and spell crafting are introduced.
Archery is a pretty straight forward endeavor. You equip your bow, hold the Right Trigger and release. It is a very effective way of picking off enemies in the distance. As a wizard, you get a Fire bolt, and a Fire AOE. These defaults will quickly change as you start customizing things like Fire Arrows, and begin casting Ice, Air, and Earth. Wizardry becomes very useful when attacking and defeating elemental enemies. Standard attacks usually apply. You know, Ice defeats Ice. That old thing.
To give it justice, I will dig heavily into spell creation. This can be complicated and cumbersome, at the beginning. But, it becomes very clear while playing the game. It begins with your effect card (the element being used: IE Fire) and your carrier card (the type of attack: IE Area Effect). Now, you have to give it modifiers. One half are effect modifiers and the other side are projection modifiers. The effect modifiers do exactly that, they have a direct effect on the spell. They are broken into three categories. Damage, Protection, and Duration. Each are pretty obvious. The other half is broken into Homing, Ricochet, and Spray. These modifiers create some of the most devastating spells you’ll see.
While still on the topic of items and weapons, the warrior’s arsenal is vast and becomes more powerful as you start utilizing another of Two Worlds II features. While inside of your inventory, highlight over a piece of armor and you will see your button legend change to show crafting as an option. This will open a window that will ask you  to either to upgrade or dismantle. Of course, upgrading means exactly what is says. Dismantling will break down the item into usable components. Further through the game, you will unlock more and more crafting. Some other crafting skills include Metallurgy, Armor Reinforcement, and Alchemy. Just to name a few.
Trying to get back onto a topic, we can discuss that various skills that come into play while leveling up and venturing out. To classify them into sub headings, we’ll go over Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Assassin. Not too descriptive, mind you, just enough to fully appreciate playing the game later.
As a warrior, you get abilities like Dirty Trick, Radial Barrage, and Defensive Stance. Each with its own unique purpose, and each with its own unique animation. I stress that because some games play off different attacks as the same thing. Thankfully, this is never the case with Two Worlds II. Continuing on, Rangers develop skills like Multi Arrow, Range Precision, and Quick Draw. Most are very straight forward with their ability. You know, more arrow, faster draws, and better accuracy. Mage skills revolve around elemental mastery. Air, Fire, Water. They also develop skills like Battle Clarity. Which reduces mana cost. Now tell me you don’t want that. Last, but not least, Assassin skills. Pretty straight forward. Better lock picking, sneak, and thievery.
Trying not to divulge too far into the nuts and bolts of the game is really hard, there are massive amounts of extra content, side quests, and hidden goodies. Such things like boating, thieving, lock picking, dice games, and playing instruments. Things that would be an entirely new review all together. What I can do is say that I would have never been able to do nearly as much without the Game Pressure Game Guide. This guide really breaks down the game in a way only someone with intense dedication could figure out.
All in all, I have very few complaints with Two Worlds II. Every once in a while there are a few graphical mishaps. But, nothing that becomes imperative. My suggestion, go out and get the game. It is good RPG. My only regret is that I didn’t get into a multiplayer game.I wish I could have, but I didn’t want to try and get into a game with someone I don’t know. Just a personal preference. Hope I can get a few of my friends to snap this one.
Score: 8.5/10
Two Worlds II was developed by Reality Pump/TopWare and published by ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG/South Peak Games on January 25th, 2011. A review copy for the Xbox 360 was provided to us for review purposes.
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    Game Sucks

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    The game not AWESOME its REALLY!!!!!! bad its not fun at all. don’t waste your money on this game trust me.

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    Aaron sucks anonymous

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    anonymous has a good point: two worlds 2 is AWESOME, REALLY!!!!!!

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