Top 10 Movie and TV based video games we want to Play

Posted by: 11/17/2011

I think all of us have come up with some pretty interesting video game ideas in our time as lovers of this medium. Of course, some were better than others. We took the liberty to create our own ‘Top List’ of games based on existing movies or TV shows, which we’d love to be able to play.

Some of the games below may have been canceled or already be in development right now but we sure would love to see them made or completed.

#1 Burn Notice – The popular ‘spy gets burned and has to dig himself out of this’ based TV series around ex government spy Michael Weston. Miami would make a nice backdrop for a video game which may actually be really good, unlike the ‘almost good’ Alpha Protocol.

#2 The Hangover: The Game – Hear me out on this one, before you say that this would suck. Picture playing as any character of the cast, as they go on a new adventure. Players would pick one of the cast members and determine the outcome in a Heavy Rain-esque experience, except it would involve a lot of partying, and of course some mayhem which causes the ever present flashbacks.

#3 I Am Legend – I think every gamer that has watched Will Smith in I Am Legend thought, I would love to play through this. Enough said, you are Will Smith and play through and alternate time-line which requires players to venture out in the zombiefied world, survive and find a cure.

#4 The Cannonball Run Yes, I know we just got Need for Speed: The Run but it turns out, it just isn’t Cannonball Run. What we want is a Movember honoring, mustache wearing, womanizing Burt Reynolds who tries to beat a whole bunch of dudes and chicks in a race across the country. Remember, it needs Burt in it, this should be enough of an incentive.

#5 Inception – inception was one of those films that has qualities which lend themselves perfectly to a video game. You have seen the movie, the action, the crazy dream within a dream mechanic, slow motion and limbo. Making a game where time becomes a layered mechanic would be tough, but we would love to play it.

#6 Pulp Fiction – Not many films are as original and quality as Pulp Fiction. Going through a story which skips back and fourth between playable characters and scenarios multiple times along with quick time events to stab a hot chick in the chest with a giant needle sounds amazing. By the way, Marcellus Wallace is NOT a B*TCH!

#7 Snatch – An action packed, witty, original and comical heist movie was once made, it was called Snatch and it starred an exceptional cast. This is another great example of a movie that would translate well to video a game since it’s mechanics would be mostly based on shooting and conversation trees as well as, well – shooting.

#8 The Killing (AMC’s original TV Show) – There aren’t many TV shows that kept us guessing and wondering about its outcome as AMC’s detective drama – The Killing. This game would be part adventure game as well as puzzle based, a perfect match for Telltale Games which also developed the Jurassic Park game and is working on the highly anticipated The Walking Dead gamification. Of course this title would be episodic, get on it Telltale!

#9 Mad Max: Road Warrior – Mel Gibson at his best, the Road Warrior was an excellent movie and has always made us want a game based on the series, sure we have gotten some awesome post-apocalyptic games like Fallout 3 or RAGE but none of them quite scratch that Australian Interceptor itch.

#10 Taxi Drive – This may be one of Robert De Niro’s best movies. An unstable Vietnam vet works as a Taxi driver at night, dealing with drugs, violence and more is trying to survive this mess and safe an ‘escort’. It sounds a lot like Grand Theft Auto – sure, but putting a grim and dark twist on it would make it different enough to earn a place in this list.


5 responses to “Top 10 Movie and TV based video games we want to Play”

  1. Ronnie says:

    Where is House Hunters and Dr. Drew?!?! I would love to play those!

  2. DernKuhn says:

    See, I was thinking, “Where is my Monk game?” I would love to play as Tony Shalhoub and clean everything! #sarcasmiswastedonbadgames

  3. Anonymous says:

    a real “24” game with Jack Bauer would be awesome!

  4. Aaron says:

    I would love to play a Falling Skies game or Walking Dead or Terra Nova game

  5. Advin Steven says:

    Brilliant blog I shall bookmark it and return later.

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