Our PS4 Predictions vs Reality

Posted by: 2/25/2013

The PlayStation 4 reveal has come and gone, and we were shown a lot of information about the newest Sony console. Before the event, we posted our predictions of what we thought Sony would show off at the event. Here is the list of our predictions, and whether or not we were correct.

  1. The PlayStation 4 – currently code named ‘ORBIS’ will be called PS4 or PlayStation 4 and not ORBIS or simply PlayStation CORRECT! 
  2. Sony will show the device but not confirm any specs, pricing, release dates or regions for the launch – this info will be made available at E3 later this year. HALF CORRECT! Sony didn’t show off the PS4, but they did tell us how powerful the new machine will be. They did not announce a hard release date; Sony said it will be out this fall. They also did not announce the price. 
  3. The Dual Shock will still be the PS4′s controller of choice and will have a share button – potentially in the form or a touch pad for navigation similar to the Vita’s back touch or the Blackberry’s thumb pad. CORRECT! The PS4 has both a share button, and a touch pad. 
  4. Sony will announce the implementation of cloud computing using the acquired GAIKAI platform for sharing content similar to OnLive’s highlight feature and similar uses as well as playing classic games through this service as part of PlayStation Plus. CORRECT, PLUS MORE! Instead of having the PS4 run previous PlayStation games, Sony will use GAIKAI to stream the PlayStation library to the console. 
  5. Sony will lose the XMB and go to a more pretty, yet functional system similar to the redesigned PlayStation Store – except it will run faster. CORRECT! At least from what we saw.
  6. There will be game demos shown off for some of the blockbuster franchises like the Uncharted and Killzone series as well as MotorStorm and something from Sucker Punch – maybe InFamous. We will also see some third party games from Ubisoft like Watch Dogs as well as The Last Guardian (fingers crossed) and of course a glimpse at the new Call of Duty from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Before we forget – Kojima will show off Metal Gear 5 and a brand new franchise will be revealed with an incredible on screen demo. HALF CORRECT! Sony showed off Killzone, and announced Drive Club, a new racing game from the MotorStorm team. Watch_Dogs was also shown off. 
  7. The PlayStation 4 will also have a much deeper social platform that intertwines your Twitter and Facebook friends list with the PSN friends list you have already. CORRECT! 
  8. Sony will announce a partnership with Comcast or another cable provider to bring Television content to the console as it will also act as some kind of set top box. NOT CORRECT! We wish they did!
  9. The PS Vita will become a peripheral to be used for games with the PlayStation 4 a la WiiU Pad and more cross game titles will be teased or included in the above mentioned titles. CORRECT! 
  10. Lastly, Sony will not comment on PSN Plus being required for online play but will go over just how successful the PS3 has been and reiterate the 10 year life cycle. CORRECT!? While it hasn’t been confirmed that PSN Plus will be needed for online play, there is still some speculation regarding it. With the news coming out recently that the PS4 will ship with a headset, it shows how Sony is really wanting to push the PS4 to be a prominent online platform. 

We got most of our predictions correct. There will still be a lot of information coming out in the next few months about the PS4. We’ll make sure to keep you updated.


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