FIFA 14 Career Mode global scouting detailed

Posted by: 4/19/2013

The latest edition of FIFA was announced this week, and fans of the series are excited to lap up any information that comes their way. Today EA Sports took to their blog to discuss the changes in FIFA 14 in regard to the scouting system in the revamped career mode.

EA wants to give players the feeling of setting up an extensive global scouting network to find players throughout the entire year, not just when the transfer window is open. This gives players a good list of footballers to try and sign when the transfer window opens.

You can send scouts out to look at specific leagues, a specific type of player, or if you have your eye on just one player, scouts can watch him as well. The system is also moving away from a player overall rating system to determine the abilities of footballers. Instead you will be able to tell your scouts what kind of footballer you are looking for, like pacey or promising.

Over the next few weeks we will be getting more information about FIFA 14. Expect a large reveal of the game at E3, where we will get to see some of the new features shown off. In the meantime, check out some screens of the scouting system and new career mode hub below.



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