The Top 5 Games we want to see on the Xbox 720

Posted by: 5/4/2013

On May 21st the Xbox ‘Durango’, ‘720’, ‘Infinity’ or whatever the name will be, is going to be shown to the world and with it some of the next generation games. Of course we know that Activision and Infinity ward will be showing Call of Duty Ghosts for the first time but not much else.

Today we are listing out the Top 5 of the video games we want to see on the new Xbox.

#1 – Grand Theft Auto V

While we know that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will get to play as Michael, Trevor and Franklin on September 17th, it seems like a massive omission for a next generation Xbox launch. A Grand Theft Auto game is a title that can make or break a console. The PS2 saw an immense amount of hype and sales push when San Andreas hit the console.

Apart from those facts, can you imagine the thing Rockstar could do with GTA on the new Xbox? The Xbox 360 is going to be 7 years old by the time the GTA V hits stores – yes that is SEVEN years. With the new technology and potential always on capabilities, GTA V would not only be able to look incredible but also be filled with unique online features and improved AI.


#2 – Forza V

The Forza franchise is a big tent pole for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and will continue to do so. While Forza Horizon and Forza 4 were great games, we can only hope that Forza V will be a launch game for the Xbox 720. Forza is one of the best and most popular simulation games on a console apart from Gran Turismo on the PS3 of course.

With the power and interconnectivity, a new Forza game on the next Xbox is a must and Turn 10 is likely hard at work on creating an incredibly deep and pretty racing sim for the new Xbox.

Forza 5

#3 – Halo 5

Halo 4 was a pretty good game by most accounts but even though it was one of the best looking Xbox 360 games of the generation, it did get a bit stale. We want to see more from Halo and 343i – Halo can be more than the samey combat and mostly repetitive enemies.

Halo 4 had some of the right ideas by introducing the new enemy types and the continued DLC content that proved to be exciting but what comes next? We want to see 343i hit its stride and bring us a big and innovative Halo game that takes the franchise to new levels.

Halo 5

#4 – Fallout 4

The staff on onPause has been incredibly big fans of the Fallout series for a long time. We loved the original Fallout 1 and 2 on the PC and were infatuated with Fallout 3 and even New Vegas and all of the DLC released for both. Living in a post-apocalyptic world as dense as the one of Fallout is incredibly immersive. We want more of that.

The team at Bethesda took a break from Fallout and released Skyrim which we enjoyed but it just doesn’t come close to our excitement for a Fallout 4 on the next console from Microsoft. I am very excited by the thought of a dark but pretty world with a next gen level of polish, storytelling and gameplay. We cannot wait to step out of the vault and take in the demolished vistas of the wastelands.

Fallout 4

#5 – DiRT 4

As a massive fan of racing games and especially the rally genre I cannot wait to see just how amazing a new DiRT game would be on the new Xbox. DiRT 3 was one of my favorite games of this past generation as it had the best dirt road gameplay we have seen on consoles to date.

The inevitable DiRT 4 or whatever it will actually be called, would further the already top notch handling model and gameplay of the franchise. We would love to see even more detail when it comes to car models, environments, dirt, smoke and dust as we downshift and drift through a hairpin turn.

Dirt 4

What do you think of our list and what games would you want to see on the next generation Xbox from Microsoft.


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5 responses to “The Top 5 Games we want to see on the Xbox 720”

  1. Mark Newsome says:

    so your looking forward to a launch list full of sequels ? Really ? Really ?!!!

    • Austin Bryant says:

      At least they’re sequels to good games. I’m probably more hyped up for Watch Dogs than all of these though. Oh, and Destiny.

    • Most developers won’t go with new IPs right out of the gate with a next gen console. Looking at the list of Xbox 360 games, only four out of the list were original IPs. It is quite a risk to throw boat loads of money at a new IP on a new console and have it fail miserably.

  2. Batai Munhu says:

    Gta 6

  3. Batai Munhu says:


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