Our Top 10 PS3 and Xbox 360 Games under 20 Dollars

Posted by: 6/5/2013

The current console generation has been one of the longest but also one of the best. The PlayStation 3 released in November of 2006 while the Xbox 360 is even one year older and dates back to the 2005 calendar year and that may be reason to celebrate, right?

While E3 2013 is next week and the PS4 and Xbox One, the current gen big brothers, are only months away, is is now your chance to play some of the best Xbox 360 and PS3 games for dirt cheap – how does less than 20 Dollars sound?

  1. Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3/360) – Rocksteady produced an instant classic and allowed superhero games to be good again!
  2. Assassin’s Creed II (PS3/360) – This may me Ubisoft’s most complete and well rounded AC game to date.
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3/360) – GTA on an HD console for the first time – call your cousin.
  4. BioShock (PS3/360) – Ken Levine’s masterpiece is still haunting Irrational Games in their hunt to top it.
  5. Portal 2 (PS3/360) – Valve managed to make an even funnier and deeper Portal game, watch out for GLaDOS
  6. Red Dead Redemption (PS3/360) – Rockstar’s second major open world game was one of this generation’s best.
  7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) – Naughty Dog moved stories in game into a new world with Drake’s adventure.
  8. God of War III (PS3) – Yes, maybe a bit cliche but Kratos and GOW are at their best in this final chapter of the trilogy.
  9. Gears of War 2 (360) – Gears of War was CliffyB’s breakout and GOW2 is the refinement of the formula – scratch one grub!
  10. Fallout 3 (PS3/360) – My personal favorite RPG and open world game of all time – get lost in the post-apocalypse.

One game that didn’t make our list but was one of my personal favorites also was the original DiRT – the reason why it didn’t make the cut? It’s still more than 20 bucks if you can find a new copy!

Uncharted 2


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