Pachter: Xbox One will cost $399, PS4 $349

Posted by: 6/3/2013

Michael Pachter and the company he works for, Wedbush Morgan, have suggested the price for next-gen consoles, and it isn’t as bad as initially thought. The investment company is saying that the Xbox One will cost around $399, while the PlayStation 4 will cost around $349.

Pachter arrived at these price points by estimating the bill of materials for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. He estimates that the PlayStation 4 will have a bill of material around $275, and the Xbox One will be around $325.

He continues his prediction by saying the Xbox One could drop below $399 if Microsoft offers a subsidized SKU, a rumor that has been around way before the Xbox One unveiling. Pacheter believes that Microsoft could subsidize Xbox One by selling it through cable and satellite companies, or by requiring owners to agree to a multi-year Xbox Live subscription.

With E3 2013 beginning in just eight days, we will know if Pachter’s prediction is correct when both Sony and Microsoft announce more information about their next consoles.

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