The Race: TitanFall vs Destiny vs COD: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4

Posted by: 7/8/2013

We are at the very peak of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation which is coming to an end in November of this year as Microsoft and Sony are readying their new boxes for a November launch which not only marks the beginning of the new ‘console war’ but also the race to the FPS throne.


Even though the epic race of the ‘Big Four’ won’t truly begin until early 2014 when TitanFall and Destiny release, many fans (or should I say legends of fanboys) have already made up their mind of which game they are backing.

Battlefield 4 Gameplay

The Big Four are made up of the massive First Person Shooter juggernauts from Respawn Entertainment, the mighty Bungie, Infinity Ward and of course DICE. TitanFall, developed by ex-Infinity Ward devs, was THE big winner at E3 this year and impressed with its fast run and gun gameplay – complete with Jet Packs and of course, massive Mechs to pilot. Then there is Bungie’s Destiny which also made massive splashes around the internet with its open world gameplay and dynamic multiplayer events.

Bungie Destiny Game Reveal Documentary

And then we have the two iconic franchises with Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 pinned against each other as Infinity Ward and DICE battle out what may be the top spot of the next generation. Can the two new kids on the block, namely TitanFall and Destiny, outrun the combat veterans that are Call of Duty and Battlefield?

COD Ghosts_In The Weeds

The answer is unclear really. Sure, you may say Call of Duty has already won because they sell 16 million copies every year but the franchise has gotten somewhat stale and is being shown up by COD 2.0 which is TitanFall.

Of course we cannot stress the importance of massive 64 player multiplayer matches and Battlefield moments that will arise from DICE’s Battlefield 4 and Bungie could have the runaway hit with a Borderlands-esque digital loot crack it teased at E3.

Who is your horse in this race and why will it beat out the other four?

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2 responses to “The Race: TitanFall vs Destiny vs COD: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4”

  1. GFL Tannar says:

    This is a tight battle but battlefield has always let people down in one way another in the past and Call of Duty has become so popular that a true gamer would take this chance to escape from the masses and not to mention the dense population of newbs and would turn to either Destiny or Titanfall. I am a Call of Duty Vet/retired pro and I had a hard time deciding, but I will be making Titanfall my priority because I prefer having to defeat another team in a round based on skill and strategy though there is “on the fly” teamwork in Destiny it will have to be my second choice. How come no one mentioned Halo, it has a huge loyal fan base and it is a competitive game and it still has more to offer, I am not a Halo fan but it is still a great game that hasn’t let us down yet. Let the console wars begin and may the odds be ever in your favor! GFLTannar out.

  2. Luke Imes says:

    titanfall is the only thing that could dethrone COD. and from what i have seen titanfall get my vote(there is a reason they left infinity ward[it is to be better than inf ward.])

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