Ken Block will become ‘Racing Advisor’ to Need for Speed

Posted by: 10/24/2013

Today EA announced a multi-year partnership with Ken Block and Need for Speed™. Block, who is an X-Games medalist as well as rally car and Gymkhana driver, will become Racing Advisor for the franchise, “lending his unique insights into what it takes to push the action and adrenaline of racing to new limits to help keep Need for Speed atop the videogame racing world for years to come”, according to EA.

Block’s move to EA and Need for Speed comes a bit of a suprise as he was most notably the cover man for DiRT 3 and Showdown as Gymkhana was a bit part of those games.

Additionally the Need for Speed franchise will be sponsoring Block and his Ford Fiesta ST 2013 racing car for Gymkhana SIX which will air on November 11th on the YouTube channel.

“Partnering with EA and Need for Speed is a natural fit for our team. I feel like we both have the same goal in mind — to let people live out a fantasy of really pushing the limits of what you can do in the driver’s seat,” said Ken Block. “It’s that special mix of fast-pace, raw speed and over-the-top fun, which has made the Gymkhana series a success, and something the Need for Speed games capture really well. We’re both excited to show you how we’re taking things to a new level in Gymkhana SIX in just a few weeks.”

Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer of Need for Speed Rivals added:

“I couldn’t think of a more exciting and more appropriate partner to have for Need for Speed. Ken’s a true master of drifting, handling, and really turning the streets into a playground for cars. We were already huge fans of his at Ghost, and we know he will be a great asset in helping us provide gamers the most adrenaline-filled and fun racing experience in the industry as we move forward.”

Need for Speed Rivals will hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on November 19th and also on Xbox One and PS4 on November 22nd.

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