Top 5 Post Launch Xbox One and PS4 Games

Posted by: 11/20/2013

While we have our hands more than full with the Xbox One and PS4 launch games like Forza 4, Battlefield 4, Killzone Shadow Fall and others, we are already peeking towards the horizon that is 2014. Overambitious? Sure, but hey – we just cannot  get enough.

We thought we would list our Top 5 Next-Gen Games that are coming after the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have released this November.

#5 – Destiny (Multiplatform)

When it comes to creating shooters, Halo creators Bungie know a thing or two about how to make a good one. Bungie revolutionized the console shooter, heck – they created it! Destiny is a 10 year franchise that will allow Bungie to create a lengthy narrative and set the stage for what a Next-Gen shooter will look and feel like. Distiny will blur the lines between single player, coop and competitive multiplayer.

Bungie Destiny Game Reveal Documentary

#4 – Titanfall (Xbox One)

As much as Bungie helped create the console shooter, the guys between Xbox One exclusive Titanfall made it what it is today – think Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Respawn Entertainment was build from Ex-Infinity Ward heads and much of its talented staff. Titanfall can be described as Call of Duty on crack and with mechs – GIANT AWESOME MECHS.


#3 – Quantum Break (Xbox One)

From the developers that not only created the iconic Max Payne series but also Alan Wake, one of my favorites of this past generation, comes Quantum Break which will blur the lines between video games and Television. The game will coexist with a TV series that is closely integrated for a modern entertainment experience. Plus, the game stops time, so that’s cool, right?

Quantum Break

#2 – inFamous Second Son (PS4)

We cannot wait for Sucker Punches third entry into a now grand franchise with inFamous. Gone is Cole but say hello to Delsin, the new man behind the madness in in Famous Second Son. The game will feature a lot more powers, varied gameplay and a bigger more  beautiful world. The game is set in Seattle and will have players fly around and shoot neon. What else needs to be said here?

InFamous Second Son PS4

#1 – Watch Dogs (Multiplatform)

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs did not make the console launch for the Xbox One and the PS4 but it won’t be long now. Aiden Pearce is going to be our favorite free running, gunning and hacking vigilante protagonist of 2014, we thing. I can already see myself running around the city of Chicago listening to cell  phone conversations, hacking ATMs and running from the police – or simply hack an intersection light to  slow down my followers.

WatchDogs_Takedown Cop DroppingDoor

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