Weekend Gaming 11/22/2013

Posted by: 11/22/2013


It is Friday, and there is no better way to spend the weekend than playing a new release, or continuing a game that you’ve been playing for a while. Either way, it is time for Weekend Gaming.

New Releases

Xbox One – Another week, another new console launch. This time it is Microsoft releasing their newest console, the Xbox One. The Xbox One comes with the newest version of Kinect, allowing for more accurate control in games and the dashboard. Notable launch games include Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Zoo Tycoon. The Xbox One is now available for $500.

Tearaway – PS Vita

Well, Media Molecule released Tearaway today and man, almost nothing else needs to be said here! Watch the trailer, buy the game – be awesome!

Brandon’s Weekend Gaming 

XCOM: Enemy Within – The expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown is excellent, and has made me fall in love with XCOM again, like I needed a reason to. The new MEC abilities are awesome, and all the little additions add to some major strategic planning. Look for my review this weekend.

Andreas’ Weekend Gaming

Xbox One – Having just received my Xbox One, it will be all about diving into the console and its games. This will likely be Forza 5, FIFA 14 and a few more. I will  also be playing Call of Duty Ghosts on PS4, diving into Skylanders Swap Force and a few more. This has been a next gen killing frenzy and my hands are red with the blood – but its such pretty blood. Ryse says hi!


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