Weekend Gaming 12/13/2013

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It is Friday, and there is no better way to spend the weekend than playing a new release, or continuing a game that you’ve been playing for a while. Either way, it is time for Weekend Gaming.

New Releases

It is that time of year when releases slow down. With the new consoles out and all major games released for 2013, it is game of the year time! Look for our lists in the coming weeks.

Brandon’s Weekend Gaming

The Last of Us – I think I am about halfway through this game, and it is amazing. I can safely say that it is one of the best games I have played this generation. I can’t wait to see the ending.

Journey – Oh man it is nice having a PS3. I get to play all the exclusive games I missed this generation, including Journey. It is currently downloading on the PS3, and I look forward to the…journey.

Andreas’ Weekend Gaming

Call of Duty: Ghosts – I had started Ghosts before the thanksgiving break but just couldn’t finish it before the turkey was served. Now I’m left with half a campaign and some multiplayer. Ghosts is a pretty game with guns and a Call of Duty feeling that I want to see out to the finish. We are Ghosts.

Tomb Raider – This one is ambitious. I picked up Tomb Raider on PS3 during amazon’s Black Friday sale among others like Beyond: Two Souls or Arkham Origins but I owe it to myself to play this game. I love the redesign of Lara and the idea of her origins story. Even if the PS4 version is looming, it’s time I tackled this damn island.

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