Ubisoft teases setting in The Division with GPS Coordinates

Posted by: 3/18/2014

Today Ubisoft teased us with mysterious GPS coordinates.

37.783985° -122.401312°

If you know your Latitude and Longitude by heart you may know that this points directly to Moscone Center South in San Francisco. Ubisoft sent out a tweet with these coordinates via their Division Twitter account which points to this location.

What does this mean? Well, we can assume that The Division will take us to Moscone Center South – but what else? Ubisoft’s Tweet was accompanied by an image as well which can be seen below. The image shows what appears to be a deserted Moscone Center along with a demolished and long abandoned Police car.

The image reads MFM_DRAWER :: DRAWTEXT (“HELLO SNOWDROP!”); which is a rather cryptic message and alludes to some sort of codename.

We are sure to know more.

The Division Mystery Image

  • Reed Richards

    Moscone Center South in San Francisco. Is the location of GDC . I hope They show some more game play of The Division.

  • datdude

    I’m hoping this game doesn’t disappoint. Everything I’ve seen and heard about it to this point is phenomenal. Don’t turn into Watch_Dogs 2.0 please.