E3 2014 – Here are our Predictions!

Posted by: 6/9/2014

Hey guys and gals, tomorrow is that big gaming thing we talk about all year round and it’s here! Tomorrow Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft will reveal their new games and show us why we should be excited for the fall. Nintendo will follow suit on Tuesday with their Nintendo Direct.

Below you will find some bold and some not so bold predictions and games we want to see represented at the show tomorrow!

Brandon’s Predictions:

Valve’s presence at Sony’s press conference is not about Half-Life 3 coming to PlayStation 4, but it will be related to virtual reality and Project Morpheus. It could either be a partnership, or Valve bringing a game to the upcoming Sony virtual reality platform. My guess is a PlayStation 4 version of Portal 2 that works with the virtual reality headset.

We will see a new Gears of War game announced as a Xbox One exclusive. Cyberpunk 2077 will get a new trailer, but no gameplay will be shown off. Nintendo will show a teaser for the new Zelda Wii U game, but it won’t announce the name of the game, and it will be a 2015 release.

The next Fallout game will be announced, and it will be set in Boston as the rumors have stated.

Also, the top 3 games I’m looking forward to seeing more at E3.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

2. Destiny

3. Hotline Miami 2

Andreas’ Predictions:

E3 is a spectacle every year but every year we are let down because of our epicly high expectations. Not this year. While we had a banner year with the PS4 and Xbox One reveals in 2013, this E3 will be all about the new games and probably games of 2015 as a lot of new stuff will not make it this year, including Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3 and of course The Division.

I predict Todd Howard on stage at the Xbox presser showing off a good chunk of Fallout 4 gameplay. Sony will announce at least one new IP and also show off an Uncharted 4 Teaser, maybe even some gameplay. Sony will also once again focus on indies and announce new PS4 sales numbers topping it off with showing off Agent for the first time but no Last Guardian. EA will  be on the Sony stage showing off Mirror’s Edge 2.

Ubisoft will be announcing a new IP and so will EA as both publishers are going all  in on the Next Gen train. We will see a couple of new games, sadly sequels, at the Microsoft stage as Xbox will be focusing on the Xbox One with some mention of the 360. EA will  also show off the new Star Wars game with a gameplay trailer.

Nintendo will  show off the new Zelda for Wii U and have more of the same, I expect no real innovation from Nintendo. Some say there will be new Hardware, I think we will see a 199 USD WiiU without the gamepad and one or two games thrown in.

As for the games I am looking forward to the most:

1. Fallout 4

2. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (yes, I am that guy)

3. The Division

What crazy predictions do you guys have for E3?

Fallout 3 Top 10

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One response to “E3 2014 – Here are our Predictions!”

  1. Matt says:

    I expect one new IP from each developer. It is time for new ones. The game market is saturated with watered down sequels. People want new ideas such as Watch Dogs and Destiny will be. Unfortunately, there will be another COD game rushed out within a year of the last one being released. (yawn) Nintendo is going to bring it. Why would I say that you ask? Because they have to. If they want the WII U to be in people’s homes, then they need to start convincing people why it needs to be sitting next to or in place of their PS4 or XB1. I am one of those people. I own a WII U and an XB1. I play the WII U daily. I haven’t touched the XB1 since the first week when I played Forza for several days straight.
    My predictions are based on track record this year. MS will basically be one new IP and a ton of regurgitated sequels of proven titles people enjoy, but nothing amazingly new. Sony will reveal something about hardware. This will be a bundle of some kind with hand helds and or VR. Nintendo will shed more light on their teased new IP and Quality of Life. Also new Zelda, Metroid, Mario for 2015, X and teaser of new Monster Hunter.
    Most anticipated:
    1: Zelda for WII U
    2: Fallout 4
    3: Whatever steam is working on with Sony

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