Trailer: Ubisoft details its No Compromise DLC for Watch Dogs 2

Posted by: 4/18/2017

Today Ubisoft released a new trailer in which the team show off the new free April DLC as well as the No Compromise add on that is part of the season pass or available standalone on May 18th.

No Compromise introduces a wide variety of new content for players, including the new Moscow Gambit DedSec operation. In the multi-mission storyline, Sitara asks Marcus for a personal favor that leads him towards hacking into a hardcore adult film studio, resulting in awkward moments with industrial machinery and an explosive climax. After a famous pornographer decides to parody the group’s style in his new film, DedSexxx, the DedSec crew launches a ridiculous lesson in image control that escalates into a brutal skirmish with the director’s contacts in the Russian mafia.

Lastly, No Compromise comes with two new non-lethal weapons and three new emergency services packs, with new vehicles and outfits that let Marcus dress up as a police officer, firefighter or paramedic, all with a DedSec twist. These aren’t purely customization items, each outfit and vehicle adds a new skill that lets Marcus affect NPC behavior and do previously impossible things. Examples include the ability to freeze NPCs while wearing the police outfit, reviving unconscious NPCs while dressed as a paramedic, and more.

No Compromise follows a massive free update released on all platforms on April 17. It added customization options including 13 new outfits, new online features and an endgame challenge, the new Showd0wn PvP mode, which pits two-player teams against each other in hectic 2v2 battles. These competitive matches come in three flavors: a King-of-the-Hill faceoff, Doomload; a defensive duel, Hack/Protect the Servers and a high-tech hunting race, Steal the HDD.

No Compromise DLC Watch Dogs

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