NEW Resistance FOM – Map Pack #2

28th November 2007 - Resistance Fall of Man is getting a new map pack, coming with two new maps “Bracknell” and “Axbridge” pricing and a date have not been set.Update: The map pack is…Read More

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GripShift coming to XBLA

28th November 2007 - The Playstation 3 version of GripShift is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this December, it will have updated graphics, 120 challenge mode levels, leaderboards, four player online racing and deathmatch…Read More


Bring the PAIN – Thursday

27th November 2007 - This Thursday, PAIN! comes to the Playstation Store!Update: PAIN is out now for $9.99 and ready for download.Read More


Xbox 360 gets backwards Compatible update

27th November 2007 - Microsoft released a new Backwards Compatibility update that gives us 84 new Xbox games that can now be played on our 360, for a list of all the Xbox games…Read More


Playstation Store update for PC

27th November 2007 - To download these games, themes and videos to your PSP go to, there you will get directions on how to get started. Downloadable Games* Syphon Filter Combat Ops ($9.99)…Read More


Eidos reveals Deus Ex 3

26th November 2007 - Eidos Montreal confirms they are working on Deus Ex 3,and gives us a teaser trailer to there new game!Update: Deus Ex 3 site launchesRead More


This weeks XBLA is Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe

26th November 2007 - Thats right you get two games for the price of one this week, “Asteroids” and “Asteroids Deluxe”Update: its available now for 400 points bundled together. Or you can play it…Read More


World of Warcraft, Mr. T Commercial

24th November 2007 - Mr. T does WoW commercialRead More


Expansion pack for Warhawk, coming December

24th November 2007 - Press release from Sony announcing the new expansion pack for Warhawk, (Operation: Omega Dawn) all of this is coming in one download this December for the Playstation Network. Update: Heres…Read More


Halo Theme (MJOLNIR Mix) coming to GH3

22nd November 2007 - A Thanksgiving gift from Microsoft and Activision,the Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix for Guitar Hero 3 and the best part of it all its going to be free.(update: The song is…Read More