PlayStation 2013 Event – Our PS4 Predictions

13th February 2013 - After Sony announced that they will be making an announcement about PlayStation’s future last Friday, and tons of rumors about the PlayStation 4‘s specifications, capabilities and pricing have been floating…Read More

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First Assassin’s Creed 3 images leaked

4th March 2012 - Since Assassin’s Creed 3 was officially confirmed by Ubisoft as well as the Revolutionary War as its setting, there were some more images leaked this week. You can see those…Read More


Pachter: No PS4 at E3 2012, Xbox 720 highly unlikely

9th January 2012 - Pachter, I think you are good for the industry, I really do. We have no way of knowing what about the recent PS4 and Xbox 720 rumors is true and…Read More


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Necessary?

20th July 2011 - In the world of DLC, is a full retail release necessary in order to bring the characters of your dream to life? I think not. But, Capcom thinks so, maybe?…Read More


Rumor: Sonic Generation Levels and Bosses

13th July 2011 - Some snoopers and rooters have discovered information in the Sonic Generations Demo. Now, of course, these are all rumors and hearsay. From the looks of it, the list is in…Read More


Rumor: PS4 is on track for a 2012 release

10th July 2011 - According to an article in Digitimes a company called Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will be heading up the manufacturing of the console in late 2011. The same companies that have…Read More


Mirror’s Edge Franchise still Alive

6th July 2011 - As covered by GamePro earlier today, according to a statement made by EA’s Patrick Soderlund, Mirror’s Edge isn’t dead or completely canceled. Soderlund stated: “I love Mirror’s Edge and what…Read More


Rumor: Next Gen Xbox in 2012 according to Crytek

14th June 2011 - I love these rumors, I really do. Especially when they revolve around new console hardware. As if it was a scripted response from Microsoft to combat the Nintendo Wii U…Read More


Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Leak

2nd June 2011 - Kotaku has released an article that has supposedly leaked a bunch of Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer information. Keep in mind that Kotaku has released a ton of info regarding other…Read More


Rumor: Sony’s new handheld renamed to “PSVITA”

30th May 2011 - onPause has gained information that has pointed to Sony renaming the new handheld “NGP” to “PSVITA”. These images are assumingly for the e3 2011 five hour marathon press conference. A…Read More