Rumor: Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Revealed

10th February 2011 - French Halo fan website Halo Destiny, has recently posted what they say are images and a name for the next Halo: Reach map pack. The next map pack will be…Read More


[Update] Rumor: Halo Combat Evolved Remake coming this Fall

5th February 2011 - According to sources close to Joystiq, the often rumored Halo CE remake is actually being made. Sources close to the matter explain that the new version will be running in…Read More


Rumor: RAGE release date comfirmed by Bethesda

20th October 2010 - It appears that Bethesda’s press site has listed a very specific release date for RAGE, their post-apocalyptic shooter previously dated for ‘sometime’ in 2011. According to the listing on their…Read More


Rumor: Mad Max based Game Still Alive

21st September 2010 - Game designer and writer Cory Barlog, of God of War 2 fame, has recently retweeted a twitter message from Avalanche Studios’ Christofer Sundberg back in July: The delay of the…Read More


Rumor: MAG 2 is a Thing

10th September 2010 - Sony’s 256 player multiplayer exclusive MAG for the Playstation 3 is a good game which lacked a bit of the ‘special sauce’ when it released earlier this year. If the…Read More


Rumor: The Last Guardian to be at TGS

8th September 2010 - Some exciting news coming from, according to a post made by the website Sony has confirmed that their ever so cute Playstation 3 Exclusive ‘The Last Guardian’ will be…Read More


Rumor: First Screens for MAG Released?

5th April 2009 - Yesterday on a Flickr page user 1337guyzorz posted sixteen of the first in-game screenshots for upcoming Playstation 3 shooter, MAG (Massive Action Game.) For now sense we dont know if…Read More


Rumor: Leaked Alan Wake Gameplay Footage [Update]

28th January 2009 - A Youtuber has released what he says leaked first person gameplay footage of Alan Wake. Sense first person, or really any gameplay of Alan Wake has not been seen by…Read More


Skate 2 Demo Coming January 8th

2nd January 2009 - On the Download and Win page for Skate 2 it says that if you download the Skate 2 demo from XBLM between January 8th to the 15th you will be…Read More


Rumor: Splinter Cell Conviction release Feb 2009

7th December 2008 - Ubisoft has pointed to the release of the next Splinter Cell Game titled ” Splinter Cell: Conviction” as april 2009 at the least. But, Retailers like Gamestop and are…Read More