Trailer: Far Cry 4 Dev Diary and Contest


24th July 2014 - Today Ubisoft has released the first of 3 developer diaries for Far Cry 4 in which takes you deep into real-world Nepal and gives you an inside look at the…Read More


Watch a 5 minute Assassin’s Creed Unity Tech Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Xbox One Leaked Logo

22nd July 2014 - Today Ubisoft has released a developer diary for Assassin’s Creed Unity which focuses on the technology behind the first Next-Gen only Assassin’s Creed game. Ubi’s Creative Director of Unity, Alex…Read More


Shadow of Mordor ComicCon Info and Behind the Scenes

ShadowofMordor Box Art

11th July 2014 - Today Warner Brothers and Monolith have released some new information about the appearance of Shadow of Mordor in the form of a panel at the San Diego ComicCon on July 25th….Read More


Trailer: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s ‘Sound Design’

sledgehammer Games co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey discuss how future tech and the exoskeleton redefine the gameplay of Call of Duty

9th July 2014 - In the past few weeks Activision and Sledgehammer have released a few developer diaries around what goes in making a next generation Call of Duty game and today we have…Read More


Advanced Warfare “Animation & Art Direction” Dev Diary

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer Kevin Spacey

2nd July 2014 - Activision and Sledgehammer are really trying to ensure that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will hit all of the marks when it releases in November. The latest Behind The Scenes…Read More


Go Behind the Scenes with COD Advanced Warfare’s Story

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer Kevin Spacey

17th June 2014 - Three years of development went into crafting the world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which is set to release this fall. Sledgehammer Games Creative Director Bret Robbins discusses how…Read More


Bound By Flame Combat System gets Detailed in new Video

Bound by Flame Developer Diary

14th April 2014 - We have been very interested in finding out more of Bound by Flame including the combat system and some of those questions have been answered by a new developer diary…Read More


Wolfenstein: The New Order takes you on a Train to Berlin


20th March 2014 - Today Bethesda and MachineGames have released a new video in their Underground video series, ‘Know Your Devs’. MachineGames’ narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Björk discusses his proudest moments while working on…Read More


Watch Part 1 of Child of Light’s Making Of Series


18th March 2014 - Today, Ubisoft released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 2D RPG, Child of Light. The game is inspired by watercolor artwork from the Golden Age of Illustration, says Ubisoft….Read More


Here is how Techland made the Sword Fighting in Hellraid


13th February 2014 - Techland is currently developing Hellraid which is a First Person sword fighting game. In order to make the best in-game sword fighting animations possible, the team enlisted the help of…Read More