Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Eclipse Multiplayer Trailer

Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Release Date Now Live Information Details PS4 Xbox One PC

19th April 2016 - Eclipse, the second DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, arrives first on PS4 today, delivering four new Multiplayer maps, including the re-imagining of the Call of…Read More


Bethesda Details Open Beta and Post Launch Details for DOOM

Doom Alpha Beta PS4 Xbox One PC Sign Up

6th April 2016 - Today Bethesda announced that DOOM’s Open Beta will run from April 15 through 17. This Open Beta will not require a code and players will simply be able to logon…Read More


PSA: Fallout 4: Automatron is Available Today

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Release Date Price Details

22nd March 2016 - Bethesda today released Fallout 4’s first add-on, Automatron, is available today for download worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for $9.99! In Automatron, the mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a…Read More


Trailer: Fallout 4: Automatron coming on March 22nd

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Release Date Price Details

14th March 2016 - Today Bethesda release a new trailer and the release date for the first piece of DLC for Fallout 4 after its massively well received release last year. In Automatron, the…Read More


Fallout 4 DLC Content Detailed – Season Pass Price Increased

Fallout 4 DLC Details Content Expansion Price Release Date

16th February 2016 - Here is some Fallout 4 news people – some good and some bad – if you’re one of those internet people that loves to complain of course. Bethesda has announced…Read More


PSA: The Division Post Launch Plans And Season Pass

The Division Lights

28th January 2016 - Today, Ubisoft revealed early details on the post-launch plans for Tom Clancy’s the Division including what players can expect in the Season Pass. As an online open world RPG, the…Read More


Trailer: Black Ops III – Awakening: The Replacer Returns

Black Ops III The Eraser DLC

28th January 2016 - The Replacer is back! The Awakening DLC Pack includes four new multiplayer maps – Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet – and Der Eisendrache, Treyarch’s brand new Zombies adventure that picks…Read More


Trailer: Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Goes Gold

Enhanced Edition Dying Light Trailer

19th January 2016 - Techland announced that the Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition has gone ‘Gold’ and to celebrate we have received a Bounties Trailer which you can check out below. “Now…Read More


Trailer: Dying Light: The Following – Weaponize Your Ride

The Following DLC Dying Light

14th January 2016 - For the upcoming Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, Techland reimagines its proven zombie-apocalypse formula with the addition of drivable dirt buggies. In the gameplay trailer released today, the…Read More


Trailer: Dying Light: The Following’s World and Characters

Dying Light The Following DLC Story Trailer Gameplay

7th January 2016 - Today Techland has released a new story trailer for the upcoming The Following DLC for open open world zombie game Dying Light, which introduces more of the world and its…Read More