Watch the Destiny E3 Gameplay Walkthrough now

Destiny_Law of the Jungle_FireTeam on Mars

3rd July 2013 - Hey there Bungie fans. Did you miss the fantastic E3 Gameplay Walkthrough for Destiny? Well, you are lucky enough to watch the full thing now in glorious HD.Read More


E3 2013: Sony shows off indie games at conference


13th June 2013 - Independent games are bigger than ever, and Sony is putting a lot of attention on indie games for the upcoming PlayStation 4. Sony is allowing indie developers to self-publish on…Read More


E3 2013: Fez II is in development


13th June 2013 - Polytron Corporation has announced a sequel to the beloved puzzle game Fez is in the works. The sequel will be simply titled Fez II. The announcement was made at the Horizon Indie Game…Read More


E3 2013: Our Top 5 Suprises and Disappointments

PlayStation 4 Design

13th June 2013 - E3 2013 has been all the buzz around Cable TV, Video Game Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Vine and more as Microsoft and Sony dropped their console megatons while publishers like EA,…Read More


E3 2013: New Blackguards screenshots emerge


12th June 2013 - While a lot of the focus at E3 is on the big names, the smaller companies also have a presence at the convention. Daedalic Entertainment is one of those small…Read More


E3 2013: Deadfall Adventures will release Sep. 27


12th June 2013 - Nordic Games has announced that their upcoming game Deadfall Adventures will be released on September 27 for the Xbox 360 and PC. Deadfall Adventures is a first person shooter developed by The Farm…Read More


E3 2013: Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer

Skylanders SWAP Force Logo HiRes

12th June 2013 - During E3 2013 Activision has released a new trailer for its upcoming Skylanders SWAP Force which showcases some of the swapping abilities and it’s also quite hilarious. Enjoy. The game…Read More


E3 2013: DUST 514 ‘Fight Your Own War’ E3 Trailer

E3 2013 DUST 514 CCP PS3

11th June 2013 - DUST 514 is CCP’s first FPS and also the first Free to Play shooter on the PlayStation 3 and PSN. Today CCP has released a rather informative E3 Trailer entitled…Read More


E3 2013: Mad Max from Avalanche Studios is an Original Story

Mad Max Avalanche Ps4

11th June 2013 - Today Avalanche Studios has revealed some juicy details about Mad Max, its open world game that was just announced at E3 2013. Not only is the game real and will…Read More

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E3 2013: MGS V: The Phantom Pain Trailer – Extended Cut

The Phantom Pain Metal Gear solid 5

11th June 2013 - We have already shown you the original 6 minute gameplay reveal trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain yesterday and today Konami released the Extended Director’s Cut version…Read More

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