Dashboard Evolution: From Xbox to Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Original Xbox Dashboard 1

18th December 2013 - The original Xbox was released as a vision of forward-thinking technology – Microsoft wanted to make an entertainment hub that owned the living room. Since the first Xbox was released…Read More

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Today Microsoft Points turn into local currency on Xbox LIVE


26th August 2013 - Today’s Xbox 360 dashboard update includes the previously announced change of Microsoft Points turning into local currency. Of you live in the US for instance, today’s update will convert any…Read More


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stepping down

Steve Ballmer

23rd August 2013 - Today news broke that Steve Ballmer, current Microsoft CEO, is going to be stepping down within 12 months. Ballmer will head up the search of his replacement. What does this…Read More


Xbox LIVE Gold Members: Fable III Free Now

Xbox LIVE Free Games With GOLD

17th June 2013 - During the E3 Press Briefing Microsoft announced that Xbox LIVE Gold Members would be receiving 2 Free Games a month and that those would be Assassin’s Creed II and Halo…Read More


Watch Today’s Xbox Reveal Live via this Stream

Xbox 720

21st May 2013 - Today the Xbox team is revealing just what is up with all of the buzz, rumors and madness around the Xbox Reveal event up in Redmond on the Xbox campus….Read More


Opinion: The first Next-Gen games will be artificially throttled

PlayStation 4

11th May 2013 - When a new console cycle approaches we always seem to have this weird overlap between current and next-gen hardware that hinders ‘true’ next generation games’ potential at the launch of…Read More


The Top 5 Games we want to see on the Xbox 720


4th May 2013 - On May 21st the Xbox ‘Durango’, ‘720’, ‘Infinity’ or whatever the name will be, is going to be shown to the world and with it some of the next generation…Read More


E3 2013 Presser Schedule: PS4 and Next-Gen Xbox on June 10

E3 2013 Press Conference

2nd May 2013 - Today Sony revealed its E3 Media Press Conference date to be June 10th via invites being sent to selected members of the press according Polygon. Xbox will also hold its…Read More


Official Xbox LIVE Region switching coming in January

Xbox LIVE Region Switching

3rd January 2013 - Most gamers in the US or anywhere really won’t care about this news because it simply does not affect them nor will it ever, given that they do not move…Read More

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Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Available now for Download

moh warfighter - 01

5th October 2012 - The open beta for Medal of Honor Warfighter has just made its way to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for download. The beta features the game type Hot Spot and takes…Read More

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