Trailer: Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass is detailed

Assassin's Creed Unity COOP

16 hours ago - Today Ubiosft has announced the details for Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass which has become an annual thing for the publisher in many of its games. Of course we don’t…Read More


Big Pharma is a pharmaceutical business sim – puzzler

Big Pharma Reveal

16 hours ago - Today developer Twice Circled announced Big Pharma which is a¬†pharmaceutical business sim that’s joined with a puzzle game and will release sometime in the summer of 2015 for the PC….Read More


Video: Battleborn Coop Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough

Battleborn Gameplay

19th September 2014 - We have been anticipating to see some actual Gameplay from Gearbox’s latest new IP Battleborn, that the company describes as a ‘hero-shooter that fuses team-based first-person shooting with a deep…Read More


Trailer: Latest F1 2014 Hot Lap takes you to Singapore

F1 2014 Release Date PS3 PS4 Xbox One Gameplay Trailer Video

19th September 2014 - Codemasters has one hot and solid franchise with the F1 series which has been great since the first game in 2010. Four years later we see the dawn of F1…Read More


Pre-Purchase Dying Light on Steam now and get free stuff


19th September 2014 - Pre-Orders are usually incentivized by getting some cool DLC or maybe a skin for your Xbox 360 Avatar, right? Well, this is sort of the case with Dying Light for…Read More


Trailer: Die SUPER HARD in Styx Master of Shadows

Styx Master of Shadows Trailer

18th September 2014 - While Styx is a mega awesome stealthy killing machine and explorer he too can get caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. When you play Master of Shadows,…Read More


Trailer: Sherlock Holmes deals with Punishments


18th September 2014 - When Sherlock Holmes:Crimes & Punishments launches across PC and consoles on September 30th, the great detective will not only send criminals to jail which is one form of the punishments…Read More


EA Sports released FIFA 15’s Full List of Clubs and Leagues

FIFA 15 All Clubs and Leagues Details

18th September 2014 - Today EA Sports has released the eagerly anticipated list of all of the game’s Clubs and Leagues that will be in FIFA 15 – for which there are plenty as…Read More


Activision Announces ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ for 360 and PS3


16th September 2014 - Forget Modern Combat, Modern Warfare or Advanced Warfare for that matter – here is Medieval Warfare! Today Activision announced that¬†Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will making its way to the PS3 and…Read More


Destiny receives a 6 Player Level 26 Coop Raid on Venus

Destiny Raid Venus Level 26

16th September 2014 - Today Activision announced that Destiny, which launched to somwwhat mixed reviews, has received its first big new End Game Raid which is hidden away on planet Venus and allows six…Read More