Northgard: Early Access Preview

17th March 2017 - Northgard is the latest title from Shiro Games, the team behind the Evoland series. While I enjoyed the Evoland series for what it is, I was excited to see what Shiro Games would branch into…Read More


Video: We Happy Few Early Access Impressions

16th August 2016 - When We Happy Few was shown at the Xbox press conference at this past E3, it was my first introduction to the game. I wasn’t the only one that got a BioShock vibe from the…Read More


Preview: Destroy ancient Greece in Okhlos

27th July 2016 - For the past few days, I’ve been able to play Okhlos, the latest Devolver Digital published indie game from developer Coffee Powered Machine. Okhlos could be described as a RTS, with a…Read More


EPSILON – Early Access Update #1

18th October 2015 - Tactical first-person shooters are a rarity these days. Even the new Rainbow Six game is going for big explosions and faster(er) paced action compared to the earlier games. The Seattle based developer…Read More


Elite: Dangerous Early Access Preview

2nd March 2015 - I’ve just reached the Aristotle Gateway, an industrial outpost controlled by the Allied Yakabugai Liberty Party. It is a little space station orbiting a small planet in a star system….Read More


Early Access Preview: Interstellar Marines

23rd October 2014 - With Zero Point Software releasing the new co-op update for Interstellar Marines, I decided to load up the game and check out the new co-op with a friend. We both came…Read More


Early Access Preview: The Long Dark

2nd October 2014 - When players load up The Long Dark, they are greeted with a warning. The warning is pretty simple. It says that The Long Dark should not be used to train oneself to survive…Read More


Early Access Preview: Clockwork Empires

22nd September 2014 - Steam Early Access has a weird notoriety right now in the gaming community. There are some great successes (Kerbal Space Program) and some take-the-money-and-run games. Clockwork Empires falls somewhere in the middle…Read More


FIFA 15 Hands On Preview and Info Blowout

2nd August 2014 - Recently I was able to go hands on with the most recent build of the upcoming FIFA 15, which was only in the alpha stage at the time but already…Read More


onStart – FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 Impressions

17th September 2013 - While Grand Theft Auto 5 was just released worldwide, arguably one of the most anticipated games of all time, next Tuesday will see the release of two other very popular games….Read More