Ambition of the Illuminus Launch Party!

1st December 2007 - PSU-World is having a Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus Launch Party! This party will have many contest, a site item hunt, some of the best prizes “Thanks SEGA,”…Read More


Who needs Rock Band?

1st December 2007 - A modder goes by the name of Egyokeo injured his finger when playing to much Guitar Hero 2, well he didn’t want to stop playing so he rig up a…Read More


Xbox 360 Fall Update Details: Xbox Originals, DivX, XBLA Hits

30th November 2007 - Update: This is now LIVE and ready for update? next time you sign in to Live you’ll be prompted to accept the update. Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update Walkthrough:Heres a…Read More


Final Halo 3 ViDOC “Journey’s End”

30th November 2007 - The final Halo 3 ViDOC is up on Xbox Live Marketplace “Journey’s End.”Update: Read more to see ViDOC! “Journey’s End” focuses on the story leading up to the events that…Read More


Well, looks like people still like retro gaming.

30th November 2007 - A recent press conference in Tokyo shed some light on the astonishing success of the Virtual Console service so far. Nintendo’s own Shinji Hatano reiterated a previous figure of 7.8…Read More

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PSN update, PAIN and Resistance Map Pack #2

29th November 2007 - PSN update for 11/29/07:Motor Storm gets two new vehicles – The Mohawk Roadhog Bike and The Lunar-Tec Buffalo BigRig, both with three different paint jobs. Two new skins, QuickFoot and…Read More

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NEW Resistance FOM – Map Pack #2

28th November 2007 - Resistance Fall of Man is getting a new map pack, coming with two new maps “Bracknell” and “Axbridge” pricing and a date have not been set.Update: The map pack is…Read More

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GripShift coming to XBLA

28th November 2007 - The Playstation 3 version of GripShift is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this December, it will have updated graphics, 120 challenge mode levels, leaderboards, four player online racing and deathmatch…Read More


Bring the PAIN – Thursday

27th November 2007 - This Thursday, PAIN! comes to the Playstation Store!Update: PAIN is out now for $9.99 and ready for download.Read More


Xbox 360 gets backwards Compatible update

27th November 2007 - Microsoft released a new Backwards Compatibility update that gives us 84 new Xbox games that can now be played on our 360, for a list of all the Xbox games…Read More