Trailer: Colin McRae Rally now on Steam for PC and Mac

CMR Rally Coling McRae Rally Steam PC Mac Remastered HD 1080p

19 hours ago - Today Codemasters released the classic Colin McRae Rally on Steam for the PC and Mac which will run you $6.99 for this re-mastered version which also released on iOS previously….Read More


F1 2014 coming to Current Gen, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015

F1 2014 Release Date PS3 PS4 Xbox One Gameplay Trailer Video

21 hours ago - Codemasters is working on current and next-gen Formula 1 games is the headline here. Today Codemasters has announced that it is and has been working on two versions of their…Read More


Watch the new GRID Autosport Touring Car Trailer

GRID Autosport 4

13th May 2014 - Today Codemasters has released a new trailer for the upcoming GRID Autosport, which is a sort of ‘back to the roots’ reboot of the GRID franchise after GRID 2 failed…Read More


Codemasters announces GRID Autosport for June

GRID Autosport Cockpit View is back

22nd April 2014 - Today Codies and Bandai Namco announced a new game from the British racing developer called GRID Autosport for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. The spiritual successor to the…Read More


Infographic: Codemasters RaceNet reaches 1 Million Users

Codemasters Racing Stats

21st March 2014 - Today Codemasters announced via its official blog that the official community service RaceNet has now reached 1 Million Users, which is about the 8 times as many people as you…Read More


Bandai Namco to to distribute all 2014 Codemasters games


18th March 2014 - Today publisher Bandai Namco, formerly known as Namco Bandai (not a joke), and developer Codemasters have announced that the publisher will be distributing all Codemasters developed titles that are releasing…Read More


Codemasters Humble Bundle just broke 1 MM Dollars

DiRT 3 Ken Block

3rd February 2014 - Just a few days ago Codemasters had started their Weekly Humble Bundle Sale with games like DiRT 3 and Overlord and today the week long sale crossed the $1 Million…Read More


Massive Codemasters Sale via the Humble Bundle

DiRT 2 Concept

30th January 2014 - Today the latest Weekly Humble Bundle Sale kicked off with an all Codemasters lineup which features Overlord, Overlord II, DiRT 3, ┬áDiRT Showdown and more. In order to unlock the…Read More


GRID 2 ‘Reloaded’ now available as Digital Only game

GRID 2 4

22nd January 2014 - So, we loved the original GRID back in 2008 and we also really enjoyed the sequel, GRID 2, which released last year. Today Codemasters announced that it has released an…Read More


Celebrate the F1 2013 release with this Launch Trailer

F1 2013 Release Date

4th October 2013 - As of today F1 2013 is available on Steam and you can dig into the 2013 season as well as the newly added classic content which consists of 1980s and…Read More