Weekend Gaming 3/8/2013

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Every Friday we’ll post Weekend Gaming, which will be a summary of some of the new releases you should be paying attention to, along with games that we plan on playing this weekend.

New Releases

SimCity (PC) – With all of the server controversy aside, the new SimCity game is a great update to the popular SimCity franchise. Featuring some great city planning features, excellent simulations, and updated graphics, it is a must have for fans of the series, if you can log into the EA servers.

Tomb Raider (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – Lara Croft is back in this reboot of the classic action adventure series. Lara is the victim of a shipwreck on a mysterious island, and she must use her cunning skills to survive both the island and enemies that are stationed there. It features third person combat, exploration, and a gorgeous setting.

Brandon’s Weekend Gaming

SimCity – I was able to get logged into the servers last night and play for four hours uninterrupted. The four hours I spend playing was incredible. The game is a lot of fun. I had only played SimCity 4 before trying the new one, and I really enjoy this new entry in the series. I am just hoping that EA can keep their servers up this weekend.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – One thing I love about XCOM is that while there is a story to the game, you make your own story as you play it. I tried to take the alien base and had all members of my team killed. As this happened, I was thinking to myself, in other games, this would be something scripted, and show how weak the humans are compared to the aliens. Then after regrouping and overcoming adversity, the second attempt to take the base would be successful. But that wasn’t scripted, it felt genuine. That is the best thing about XCOM.

Andreas’ Weekend Gaming 

SimCity – This weekend I will be building some cities in EA’s latest city building sim. Wow, can you say digital crack? Once you start playing this game make sure you blink a lot because I played 5 hours straight, blinked, and it was 1 AM in the morning. I am currently building up my region onPausia with cities like New DreTown and a few others. I am hoping to get the multiplayer to work so I can link up with real people in a region. Okay, I am going back!


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