Elder Scrolls Online going Free to Play, coming to Consoles in June

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

14 hours ago - Bethesda, the publisher of The Elder Scrolls Online has announced that the subscription based MMO will go free to play on March 17th for the PC and will also launch…Read More


Trailer: Turn-based action platformer RONIN coming in 2015


18 hours ago - Devolver Digital announced a new turn-based action platformer called RONIN that is also playable at Pax South right now over in Texas, so if you are there, stop by booth…Read More


PSA: Trials Fusion now has Online Multiplayer for Free

Trials Fusion Tron Xbox PS4 PC

18 hours ago - Ubisoft announced that Trials Fusion has finally received its long awaited update to include online multiplayer which is free to all who own the game. Players can now face off…Read More


Video: Watch Dying Light Devs play Coop


21 hours ago - Dying Light developers sat down for a session of coop around the Techland studio. Lead developers Tymon Smektała and Maciej Binkowski along with brand manager Paweł Modliński, and assistant producer…Read More


PSA: New Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay on Monday

The Witcher 3

24 hours ago - Expect some new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay as well as developer commentary and Q&A to come on Monday via GOG’s Twitch channel. We will bring you the video once…Read More


Dying Light gets more Release Dates, Be the Zombie Mode Free

Dying Light Parkour Real Life

24 hours ago - Today Techland announced the full set of release date for digital and physical copies around the world as well as the fact that the the Be The Zombie Mode will…Read More


Trailer: First Look at Game of Thrones Episode 2 The Lost Lords

Game of Thrones Episode 2 The Lost Lords

24th January 2015 - Today Telltale Games has given us an all new look at its second episode of the Game of Thrones adventure game. The second episode is called The Lost Lords and…Read More


Trailer: Meet COD Advanced Warfare’s KillCameraman

Call of Duty Exo Zombies DLC Gameplay Details

23rd January 2015 - Hey guys, you ever wonder just who is behind the kill cam when getting wrecked in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? Well, today you get to find out – meet…Read More


Weekend Gaming 1/23/2015


23rd January 2015 - It is Friday, and there is no better way to spend the weekend than playing a new release, or continuing a game that you’ve been playing for a while. Either way, it…Read More


Silence: The Whispered World 2 heading to PS4


23rd January 2015 - Daedalic Entertainment has announced that their upcoming game Silence: The Whispered World 2 will be releasing on PlayStation 4 in addition to the already announced Xbox One, PC, and Mac versions. New screenshots…Read More