Review: Dying Light

9th February 2015 - In a market that is saturated with zombie games, Dying Light stands out as one of the better ones in the genre. Between the great movement and controls, satisfying combat, and a story…Read More


Review: Farming Simulator 15

14th December 2014 - Simulator style games have been on the rise with the PC market, and one of the more famous games in the simulator genre is the Farming Simulator series. What started out as…Read More


Review: Dreamfall Chapters Book One

11th November 2014 - The idea of being able to lucid dream all day, every day is something that sounds pleasing at first, but it could also be very damaging to the brain. Dreamfall Chapters starts…Read More


Review: Forza Horizon 2

15th October 2014 - When the original Forza Horizon released on the Xbox 360 in 2012, I was skeptical that the then newly established studio Playground Games (founded in 2009) would be able to break…Read More


Review: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

13th October 2014 - Adventure games have been given a nice face lift in the current gaming scene. While some refer to these games as “walking simulators,” most of these games offer a unique…Read More


Review: Destiny

9th October 2014 - I am hard pressed to name another game that was pushed more in the gaming hype machine than Distiny, the latest game from Halo creators Bungie who is now publishing…Read More


Review: OlliOlli

22nd July 2014 - With the lack of good skateboarding games being released now days, OlliOlli wants to try and bring back that feeling of speed and excitement that many gamers experienced in the ’90s and…Read More


Review: Wargame: Red Dragon

28th May 2014 - For strategy game enthusiasts, the last few months have seen some excellent releases. Wargame: Red Dragon continues this impressive list of with the latest entry into popular real-time strategy series….Read More


Review: Age of Wonders III

12th May 2014 - Age of Wonders has been a fan favorite in the PC strategy community ever since the first game was released in 1999, although it has been kind of a niche…Read More


Review: Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia

24th March 2014 - I am always happy when I get to review a new Thrustmaster product and my latest endeavor with the brand is no exception. Recently I spent a lot of time…Read More

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