GTTV brings us more Halo: Reach details – possible space combat

Posted by: 2/20/2010

HALO: REACH – some say will be the biggest game for 2010. There haven’t been too many details released besides some facts and screenshots in the February 2010 issue of GAMEINFORMER explaining there will be a six player squad (Noble Team) destined to live through the final battle of Planet Reach before everyone falls (Spoiler Alert). The player will complete the squad, named Noble Six.

Here are some more facts from this week’s episode of GameTrailers TV with yours truly Geoff Keighley.

• 700 Million people will die
• Noble 6 will not have a huge backstory
• Noble team will play an important part in the story development
• 4 Player Coop with customizable Spartans
• No 6 player coop with Noble Team
• May 3rd Multiplayer Beta (Bungie anticipates millions to join)
• No known duration of the beta test
• Dual wielding remains a possibility
• Possible Space Combat

Go and watch the episode for yourself to see the visuals and full commentary of team Bungie.


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    Oooo, space combat 🙂

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    duel wielding has already been announced a no no, unless that’s to throw us of the ball

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