Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy announced – A Facebook RPG

Posted by: 9/30/2010

Ubisoft today revealed that Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy will be coming to Facebook. The game is described as a social role playing game.

Project Legacy “serve as a companion to the gameplay experience of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” according to Ubisoft.

Players of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will be able to unlock up to 25 exclusive missions in Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy, allowing players to earn currency and experience points within the Facebook game. Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy players will also be able to unlock extra content in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. By piecing clues together, players will learn the hidden mysteries within the Assassin’s Creed universe.

There was no specific date on the release of Project Legacy but a ‘available soon’ on Facebook.


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