PauseThat Episode 95 – Tower Deforce

Posted by: 6/19/2011

Andreas and Ronnie talk about Duke Nukem Forever, L.A. Noire and Trenched for what they have been playing. In the news section they discuss THQ shuts down KAOS Studios, next gen Xbox coming in 2012, games now available at Red Box kiosks, and much more on this weeks edition of PauseThat.

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Escalation DLC available now on PS3
Black Ops Annihilation DLC Confirmed, Timed Xbox LIVE Exclusive on June 28
THQ closes KAOS and THQ Digital Warrington
Rumor: Next Gen Xbox in 2012 according to Crytek
Games now Available at RedBox Kiosks

Dead Nation
Duke Nukem
L.A. Noire

Duke Nukem Forever – Metacritic
TV and Lust

Music Video: I Don’t Wanna be a Crappy Housewife

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Andreas: @RacingFreak

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3 responses to “PauseThat Episode 95 – Tower Deforce”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard Crytek denied the Xbox 720, and to be fair why would Crytek be the first ones to find out about a new xbox Ea or Activision would probably find out before them I think IGN made the whole thing up. Plus the xbox 360 is doing better than ever with the kinnect the 720 is more likely to come out in 2013.

  2. Ronnie says:

    @Anonymous It kinda makes sense why Crytek would have the 720 before other companies. They have been pushing computers and consoles to the max for a while now. Also Crytek is an EA company.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ya this may be a push to MS to create a leak of some kind.

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