PlayStation 2013 Event – Our PS4 Predictions

Posted by: 2/13/2013

After Sony announced that they will be making an announcement about PlayStation’s future last Friday, and tons of rumors about the PlayStation 4‘s specifications, capabilities and pricing have been floating around the internet, we just HAD to give our two cents to all this mambo jambo!

If you spend some time and search the hash-tag #PlayStation2013, you will find just about every rumor, opinion and leaked information about Sony’s new console.  Of course nothing has been confirmed, nor will it be anytime before the February 20th event which will be held in New York City and also live stream here.

We usually don’t comment on rumors and speculation – yeah I went there – but we simply cannot resist as new hardware has been longed for so desperately for months now. The PlayStation 3 is a perfectly capable console and will have blockbuster games coming out like God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V but we can’t help it continue to peak over to those high end PC’s running our favorite multiplatform games at such stellar frame rate, superior lighting and resolution.

Sure, the technical excellence of the PC isn’t all and that’s exactly the point. With the alleged 8 core processor with 2.2 GB Video Card and 8 GB or Memory, the PS4 will be a powerful machine and right up there with high end PC’s – affordable ones – not the NASA rigs that will take a second mortgage to afford, so hold your comments on that one please.

The PlayStation 4 has to do a lot more than just run games at superior technical specs compared to the current generation of hardware – it will need to have a more innovative and meaningful platform and service than ever before.

Here are our predictions (we will do a follow up after the event on the 14th to see how close we were – or whether we totally missed):

  1. The PlayStation 4 – currently code named ‘ORBIS’ will be called PS4 or PlayStation 4 and not ORBIS or simply PlayStation
  2. Sony will show the device but not confirm any specs, pricing, release dates or regions for the launch – this info will be made available at E3 later this year.
  3. The Dual Shock will still be the PS4’s controller of choice and will have a share button – potentially in the form or a touch pad for navigation similar to the Vita’s back touch or the Blackberry’s thumb pad.
  4. Sony will announce the implementation of cloud computing using the acquired GAIKAI platform for sharing content similar to OnLive’s highlight feature and similar uses as well as playing classic games through this service as part of PlayStation Plus.
  5. Sony will lose the XMB and go to a more pretty, yet functional system similar to the redesigned PlayStation Store – except it will run faster.
  6. There will be game demos shown off for some of the blockbuster franchises like the Uncharted and Killzone series as well as MotorStorm and something from Sucker Punch – maybe InFamous. We will also see some third party games from Ubisoft like Watch Dogs as well as The Last Guardian (fingers crossed) and of course a glimpse at the new Call of Duty from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Before we forget – Kojima will show off Metal Gear 5 and a brand new franchise will be revealed with an incredible on screen demo.
  7. The PlayStation 4 will also have a much deeper social platform that intertwines your Twitter and Facebook friends list with the PSN friends list you have already.
  8. Sony will announce a partnership with Comcast or another cable provider to bring Television content to the console as it will also act as some kind of set top box.
  9. The PS Vita will become a peripheral to be used for games with the PlayStation 4 a la WiiU Pad and more cross game titles will be teased or included in the above mentioned titles.
  10. Lastly, Sony will not comment on PSN Plus being required for online play but will go over just how successful the PS3 has been and reiterate the 10 year life cycle.

Of course all of this is simply based on rumors and we are speculating heavily but some of these points seem like logical steps when looking at past Sony conference reveals.

What do you think will be announced? Could it be something completely different and a major disappointment to fans, press and investors? We will find out on February 20th.

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One response to “PlayStation 2013 Event – Our PS4 Predictions”

  1. jmc8888 says:

    I wouldn’t call mid level 2010-11 gpu in a computer with a mid level 2007 CPU equaling a ‘high end’ PC. More like a ‘used to be’ affordable mid level PC.

    Most people that have a PC made after 2007 or so could have bought a GTX 670 for $399 for their PC last year as an upgrade and have more power under the hood than a PS4. (and I’ve seen it for $339.)

    Don’t get me wrong, the PS4 if rumors are true will have lots of fun and run pretty nice graphics and a definite step up from the sub hd, low textures of PS3/360, but it is not anywhere close to a 2013 midlevel PC. A midlevel PC will literally run circles around a PS4 if it has a GTX 700 series equivalent to a GTX 670, so like a 770 (out 4th quarter 2013) and a cheap i7 processor.

    More expensive? Sure. Affordable? Oh yeah. But also the power will be 2.5-3x that of a PS4.

    Now the ultra high rigs? Will have 2x GTX 790’s, which would literally be four 770 gpu’s slammed into two cards. (i.e. 2 gpu’s per card), and a high end i7, expensive motherboard, huge power supply, ddr3 2XXX mhz, etc, etc. Probably even a 1600p monitor. Something that would be close to 8-9x the power of a PS4.

    The PSvita if they used it as such would be a waste and a real gimmick. Vita isn’t a Wii U gamepad. It can’t do what the gamepad can do, even with all its expensive tech…that’s because a ferrari isn’t a tractor. It wasn’t made to do that, and if they don’t bundle it in with a PS4 (they won’t) then devs won’t code for it. Every Wii U has a gamepad, so each game has some functionality for it, which should grow with time. 1 out of 10 games will incorporate something for a Vita, and it can’t do but a fraction of what the gamepad can do. Forget about streaming anything. I can see inventory screen as a use, since it’s static and doesn’t need to update in real time.

    I hope there are demos and big games ready for launch, but if history has shown us with 360, PS3, and now with Wii U, those first few months are pretty bare besides a couple or so good titles. My 360 was a perfect dark zero machine and my PS3 was a Resistance fall of man machine those first few months.

    Facebook and twitter are retarded. Run by morons, who steal your data and sell it to whoever they want. They’re worthless corporations who will be usurped by something else in due time, and hopefully ones that don’t sell you down the river like they do. They hurt the image of anyone who links with them. Sony and MS already have enough haters. They don’t need facebook and twitter bringing them down.

    Cloud gaming has all sorts of problems, too numerous to list here. Now if it’s for Sega Genesis and NES sized games, it becomes feasible technically to do it. But as for subscription based streaming of game content as the only way to get a game, it won’t fly. Especially as new generation games will have much bigger file sizes. Many, many more problems with this. (like deciding on how devs get money and the fact that they are then subservient to Sony rather than a game dev on relative equal footing)

    They probably would change XMB, but beware of the trap of making things looking prettier that are less functional. Sort of like Windows 8. Good for novice PC users, hell for power using extreme multitaskers. (the best xbox dashboard was the 1st couple of iterations. after that it just got cluttered and slow). XMB allowed you to go from point A to point B really quickly (unless you had a thousand game saves in the list, which could have been solved by better grouping).

    Hopefully they redesign the dual shock and make it a bit bigger. Though I think the 360 controller need to be fatter where the fourth and pinkie fingers are, so the dual shock is pretty uncomfortable in that aspect, as well as the l2/r2 triggers need redesign. Other aspects of it are nice though.

    You’re right they probably won’t confirm actual specs, at least not many. Perhaps if they think they have a real winner on something, they might divulge that part of it. I see it more as showing off cutscenes and alpha demos of games. It should be pretty good. But if they show Watch Dogs, it won’t be at the same graphical fidelity as they showcased last year at E3. That was running on 3x GTX 580’s, which is literally 300 percent raw power of a PS4. I could see a version of it running a couple notches lower that still looks pretty darn good though.

    I wonder if they’ll show off a PSEye 2 and Move 2. Though really the Move probably doesn’t need to be updated very much, it’s mostly the PSEye that is weak link.

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