PES 2014 Online Multiplayer details announced

Posted by: 9/20/2013

Today Konami announced the online multiplayer details for its upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 which hits stores on the 24th of September on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Konami will issue a day one patch enabling the online multiplayer which includes the Friendly Match Lobby and Ranking Match modes, which will enable match making and leaderboards. The Master League Online mode will also return.

A few weeks after launch Konami will release a second patch where players will be given access to the full online suite for PES 2014. This patch brings the 11 vs. 11 multiplayer features.

To complement the 11 vs. 11 match up, new matchmaking support systems will place similarly ranked players together for a deliberately balanced match. Roster updates and cosmetic improvements, including facial features and overall aesthetics will be included in the second patch.

Are yous interested in the online modes for PES 2014?

PES2014_DPS_S_o Paulo_Crici_ma

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