Medal of Honor Warfighter now with Need for Speed

4th October 2012 - Shooters have been known for their occasional driving sequences. Sometimes we are on rails and other times we have some control over the action. The Medal of Honor Warfghter team…Read More


Medal of Honor Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta on October 5th

3rd October 2012 - EA and Danger Close are hard at work to make the new Medal of Honor the best game it can be, in turn there will be an open Beta for…Read More


Ubisoft Announces Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass Details

3rd October 2012 - Today Ubisoft officially revealed the Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass along with what DLC we can expect. The pass will be available for 30 Dollars on PC, PS3 and 360….Read More


Thrustmaster Ferrari GamePad for Xbox 360 in October

3rd October 2012 - If you’re a racing fan, you know that using a controller to play a precise game like F1 2012 or Dirt 3 is a challenge without a proper wheel setup….Read More


TWD: Episode 4 ‘Around Every Corner’ coming VERY soon

2nd October 2012 - The latest episode of the grounbreaking adventure series The Walking Dead by Telltale will release VERY soon according to the developer. This episode, ‘Around Every Corner’ will be one of…Read More


Valhalla Remastered in Halo 4 as Ragnarok

1st October 2012 - 343 Industries have just unveiled Ragnarok one of ten new maps that will ship with Halo 4 when it releases in November. Ragnarok is a remake of Valhalla an original…Read More


Forza Horizon Demo on October 9 – Launch Trailer now

1st October 2012 - While the Forza Horizon demo is hitting Xbox LIVE on October 9th, you can check out the launch trailer right now. Are you picking up this open world Forza title?Read More


Trailer: Black Ops 2 takes Zombies on the Road

26th September 2012 - It has been the most beloved game-type in the TreyArch Call of Duties since World at War – the zombie mode.  Today Activision finally unveiled the zombie mode in Black Ops 2….Read More

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BioWare: Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation coming November 6

26th September 2012 - The game franchise that really delivered on a persistent save system throughout a series, Mass Effect, will become a trilogy package. BioWare has announced that all three games will be bundles up…Read More


Reminder: Resident Evil 6 hits shelves on October 2nd

24th September 2012 - The latest installment in the famed Resident Evil franchise or Biohazard as it is called in Japan, is going to release in only a few days on October 2nd on…Read More