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Posted by: 2/14/2013

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When Codemasters first set out to revolutionize racing games it re-branded the Race Driver series to GRID in which the UK developer created genre leading AI, superior damage modeling and introduced the ‘Rewind’ feature which let to critical acclaim across the globe. GRID dates back to 2009 which now seems ages ago and other racing series have stepped up their game – in May of 2013 it is time for Codemasters to, yet again, take the popular franchise to the bleeding edge with GRID 2.


GRID 2 will be highly focused on what Codies calls ‘Total Race Day Immersion’ – what this phrase means is that players will experience racing with the up most intensity which is created by the sheer audio visual experience during the races accompanied by the intelligent AI. The computer controlled racers are intelligent and will require a lot of skill to achieve success against them – the adrenaline push won’t take long to kick in when playing GRID 2.

Similar to the original, GRID 2 will feature some of the most iconic cars the world has seen. The racers features new and classic racing machines – all have unique handling and will take some time getting used to and truly master. There are four ‘Tiers’ of vehicles. Albeit being the ‘lowest’ block of vehicles, even Tier 1 includes cars like the BMW E30 M3, SUBARU BRZ or MUSTANG MACH 1 because Codemasters wanted to have players experience truly special cars from the get-to. Tier 2 will feature more advanced race cars like the FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302, CHEVROLET CAMARO SS and the iconic NISSAN R34 SKYLINE.


Tier 3 is truly stepping into absolute dreams of racing fans everywhere as players will control cars like the MCLAREN MP4-12C, ARIEL ATOM and BAC MONO. The final and ultimate collection of cars in GRID 2 is in Tier 4 where players are able to jump into the fastest, rarest and most exciting supercars like the KOENIGSEGG AGERA R or the PAGANI HUAYRA.


With GRID 2 Codemasters continued its focus of balance between realism and arcade in the ‘TRUEFEEL’ feature. Codies says it’s found the sweet spot between a simulation game which has great sense of speed and grip to the road with accurate cornering but also that special bit of power sliding and fun factor we have come to love in the series.


Damage modeling is something Codemasters has continued to improve and taken to new heights with GRID 2. This time around the studio has created specific damage modeling for each car where true physics determine how the metal bends, the plastic splits in half and carbon fiber shatters all over the tarmac. Of course we will get the beloved terminal damage wrecks we love to replay over and over – only to use rewind and try that bit again.


GRID 2 doesn’t only feature stunning looking cars, tracks and environments, along with smart and varied AI with unique abilities that can block, overtake, spin out or take damage – the game also features a deep career mode based on Motorsports mogul Patrick Callahan who is a self-made millionaire that set up a new racing series for which he needs a star.


He needs you to compete in WSR or world series racing, which Callahan started from scratch which includes globetrotting, new and traditional events. Players’ progression is based on how well they perform on the track and grow their fame and fan base to earn XP which will unlock new events, sponsors and cars. GRID 2 also features ESPN as a partner to inject that bit more of authenticity with anchors Kevin Conners and Toby Moody.


GRID 2 will again take place all over the globe with 3 continents for the featured locations. The USA will be home to street and road racing while Asia focuses on track racing and Europe provides track and street based racing as well. There are lots of varied environments like Chicago, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona and more.


Of course there will also be multiplayer racing which Codemasters says to have redefined. GRID 2 is looking to set a new standard in this popular racing game mode as it includes progression systems distinct from the single player game. There will be online and split screen racing with a wide variety of events and personalized customization options. GRID 2 also features Codemasters RaceNet integration for stat tracking and community events and interaction.


GRID 2 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC on May 28th.

This preview is not based on hands-on time with the game.

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